Hey friends,
we need your help!


Kat Dehring, the artist behind your favorite Back Porch Magick decks and my dearest friend, has fallen into unfortunate circumstances. Years of subpar dental care by negligent medicaid dentists while being unemployed and caring for a disabled veteran has put Kat in need of some serious and urgent dental-work in order to save her ability to speak clearly. Kat took on full-time employment, on top of her full-time live-in caretakers position, and has finally received quality healthcare benefits. She has been working with a very kind dental surgeon who has been helping her to salvage the teeth, and consequently her jaw bone, from previous damage. She has lost several teeth over the last year and to have a bone graft to replace erosion the previous dentists neglected. This is quoted at $15,000 AFTER discounts from the dentist for hardship. We've researched, and there are no other alternatives that would keep her healthy and able to do the telehealth job she loves. I've added $5,000 to her goal because she also needs a modest vehicle to get back and forth to appointments, but at this point she is overwhelmed and grateful for any help and love from her friends and supporters. We truly thank you for whatever you can do. We would love to see her smile again.

All donations will deposit into a separate paypal established in Kat's name completely independent of the business. We are hosting this fundraiser directly to save cost on fees from gofundme and the similar. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly at backporchmagick@gmail.com

-Taryn Masterson
Co-Founder of Back Porch Magick LLC

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28 de nov.

It's not much more than a drop in the sea, but I hope you know that I care.


16 de nov.

I made the first donation. I love you very much. We're gonna figure this out. -T